Sunday, March 22, 2020

Weekend Headlines | NWCG Message

Greetings Comic Book Fans,

We're here in the Portland Metro-area and it's a nice day out this morning but however, we're under a "Stay at home" order from our Governor. Yes, I got a few things for my family this morning but that was it. I'm staying home working online. I do have a full-time job besides this but I rather be home more with my family.

So I know the comic book business is going to be hit hard! Major publishers are delaying some comics for 5 to 7 weeks. Aspen Comics is delaying new releases until things look better. Local comic book stores are trying to stay open but most are closing for the time until things get better as well. So please understand your safety is what matters now!

If your told to stay home... please stay home! Wash your hands, limit yourself outside, get the basic stuff you need. Be outside if you have a deck, porch, a backyard etc. I want you safe. If your bored and I totally get that for sure.  What can you do?  There are so many things to do?

Join me on Twitter @nwcomicsgames to chat and talk comics, movies, drawing ideas?  If you don't have Twitter, then email us at  I want o reach out to as many people I can to help left you up! In an era of social distance, we here at Northwest Comics & Games want to bridge the gap. We'll do the best we can to entertain and share comic book stores. Still talk comics!

Remember please be safe! Limit yourself! Wash your hands! We can beat this virus together!

Thank you,

Josh Hansen - Owner of Northwest Comics & Games