Saturday, March 14, 2020

Weekend Headlines | Our Message

Hey everyone,

We're back! It's been a crazy week for all of us but we're all human. We've seen the news about the Coronavirus in the U.S. Our nation has kinda shut down. I'm a parent and I have kids in the Oregon school's system. I work full-time and I run my comic book business on the side. 

Since the Coronavirus has shut down Emerald City, E3, Dallas Comic-con, etc. We feel like, "what should do?" 

We hear at Northwest Comics & Games understand as the world stops, we have to keep moving forward. We're going to continue posting about comics and fun things. We want to be that distraction to help anyone and everyone out there. In this time of what the hell Corona!

We'll all be fine but let's keep moving forward and especially keep reading comics!