Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Comic Book Fast Look for 05/05/2020 (1 Week Out)


Yes, we're reporting on new comics coming out next week Tuesday! New Comic Book Tuesday!

Holy smokes! It's all DC Comics but who freaking cares! Something better than nothing right. Please be sure to contact your local comic book store for hours and social distancing guidelines. These releases we're originally for May 20, 2020.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Flash #753 $3.99 DC Comics
In this 'Flash Age' interlude, the Fastest Man Alive must find the Reverse-Flash to stop Paradox's annihilation of the Flash legacy. But catching a time-traveler is extremely difficult, and the Flash's quest to find Eobard Thawne takes him to tragic moments in time he never thought he'd have to revisit.

Hawkman #23 $3.99 DC Comics
Cloaked in black and wearing the eerie mask of a hawk, the mysterious Plague Doctor roams 17th century Europe in an attempt to ease the suffering of those who fall victim to the Black Death. But how is the Doctor supposed to help anyone when he's hated and feared for his unique immunity to the disease? It's mind versus body as Carter Hall relives his most tragic past life in a last stand to fight off Sky Tyrant's control over his body for good! 

Batman and the Outsiders #12 $3.99 DC Comics
Batman goes over the edge! With everything that's happened in Gotham City and Ra's al Ghul's personal attacks on the Dark Knight and his team of Outsiders, Batman lashes out and uses his all his anger and skills to take down Ra's and his new League of Assassins on his own. Will the Outsiders be able to pull him back from his rage-or will they find themselves on the receiving end of it? 

Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #4 (of 9) $5.99 DC Comics
When murder is your art, it's not enough to leave behind a body-the only true satisfaction lies in creating a display worthy of your genius. But elaborate crime scenes also lend themselves to analysis. While the GCPD might not find all the clues, forensic psychiatrist and profiler Harley Quinn is getting closer to the truth…and the killer.