Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday's Headlines | Hulu Down Last Night

Hulu users were absolutely frantic when the service went down yesterday evening. With everyone at home due to social distancing, streaming services becoming unavailable has become more and more of a problem. So many users had problems that #huludown started to trend on Twitter. 

Some voiced their problems, but curiously others peeked their heads in after marathoning favorites like Bob’s Burgers. So, there was obviously a lot of variation across the country. It would be hard to argue that it wasn’t a big issue by the time that the trend had breached both coasts. The speed of streaming data has become a major source of conversation since social distancing took hold.

Over in Europe, data resources have been drawn thin by the sheer volume of people streaming their favorite shows and movies. European commissioner Thiery Breton actually had a conversation with Netflix about how they could help relieve some of the stress on the grid on that side of the pond. 

The streaming giant pledged to do its part to limit its impact by encouraging users to stream in standard definition when possible. Speed has also been tweaked as well when Netflix reduced bit rates for 30 days. Hulu, Amazon, and others have fallen in line because of just how hard the pandemic has hit Europe.