Tuesday, April 14, 2020

History of Comics | Notable Events April 1991 -1995

Hello Comic Book Fans,

With everything changing right now with Coronavirus, your business has to change and it's just a little different to not talk about new comics. However, until the world and the United States gets back to normal. We're going to do our best to entertain you and share some knowledge! As you know if you follow our FB page I talk a lot about 90's comics. So today, I'm pointing out notable events from April 1991 to April 1995. Just key points.  Have a great day. Wash hands, stay home and be safe.

April 1991
New Mutants #100, the title's final issue, featuring the debut of X-Force (Marvel Comics).
With #6 Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is cancelled.
With #5, Hollywood Superstars is cancelled.
First issue of Seth's Palookaville

April 1992
Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics is first pre-published.
The Amazing Spider-Man #361: First full appearance of Carnage.

April 1993
April 1: News is spread that archeologists have found the ancient ruins of Astérix' village. This later turns out to be an April fools' joke.
Adventures of Superman #500 (dated "Early June") is released and the Reign of the Supermen! begins with four Supermen.

April 1994
X-Men crossover Child's Play concludes.
Starblast concludes, both as a limited series and as a crossover.

April 1995
The Amazing Spider-Man #400: "A Death In the Family." Die-cut embossed cover. (Marvel Comics).
April 1: In Sioux City, Iowa Fran and Kevin McGarry found the comics store ACME Comics & Collectibles.
April 30: DC Comics announces its products will be distributed exclusively by Diamond Comics Distribution, Inc.

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