Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday's Headlines | DC To Start Publishing New Comics April 28

Did ya hear the news from last week?

DC have announced (last week) plans to resume limited release of new comic books on Tuesday, April 28. After surveying over 2,000 North American stores, the publisher has announced plans to resume releasing a trimmed down line of titles, which will also be released simultaneously on DC's usual digital platforms.

This new era kicks off Tuesday April 28 with three new issues (Daphne Byrne #4, The Dreaming #20, and Batman Giant #4), along with planned reprints of Batman #89, Nightwing #70.

On Tuesday May 5, the main DC superhero line returns with Batman & The Outsiders #12, The Flash #753, The Green Lantern Season Two #3, Hawkman #23, along with House of Whispers #20 and Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #4. A facsimile edition of DC Super Stars #17 will also be released on this date.

Also then on May 12, expect Harley Quinn #72, Justice League #44, Justice League Odyssey #20, Lois Lane #10, and Metal Men #6.

DC hasn't specified the status of any other solicited titles during this downtime. DC has set-up a Comic Shop locator to find the stores scheduled to be participating in this resumption of comic books.