Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday's Headlines | MARVEL Staff Furloughed

Several employees of Marvel Entertainment have been told they will be furloughed as part of Walt Disney Company's wider measures to stem the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Sources have confirmed that the affected Marvel employees are being notified today, with furloughs taking effect April 26.

Furloughing an employee is where a company puts them on a temporary leave of absence that may or may not be paid in the time off. In some countries, government funding is available to partially replace the employee's lost income.

Marvel was unable to give specifics as to the number of employees furloughed or the identities of those affected.

Furloughed Disney employees will continue to receive whatever health care benefits they normally received as an employee, with Disney also stepping in to pay any premiums. Paid time off can be used by employees in this time, and they will be eligible for government assistance through the recent U.S. economic stimulus bill, as well as state unemployment insurance.