Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday's Headlines | Updated DC/Diamond Story

Diamond Comic Distributors has begun taking orders for DC products again, in anticipation of the resumption of distribution in mid- to late-May, but according to Diamond there is still no firm date when actual distribution will resume.

"We continue to work toward a mid- to late-May resumption of weekly comic distribution, but numerous factors will affect the actual date we are able to deliver our first weekly shipment," Diamond told sources Saturday evening. "Placeholder dates are an approximation of when we hope to resume weekly operations, but are not yet firm. DC Comics needed final order numbers for books being printed next week. That is independent from our shipment date."

The email came in response to comic book retailer Ryan Higgins, owner of Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale, CA., who tweeted earlier Saturday evening that a new Diamond Comic Distributors ordering page is online, that allows their retail accounts to order DC titles due to be shipped by Diamond on Wednesday, May 20.

Sources reported Higgins' tweet Saturday evening in an earlier version of this story before Diamond clarified the May 20 date is not firm and is considered a placeholder. Diamond previously announced they anticipated reestablishing distribution in mid- to late-May after suspending operations at the beginning of this month due to the coronavirus crisis.

According to Higgins the titles available in the system with a FOC (Final Order Cut-off) of Monday are the same titles the publisher has announced will be available through new regional distributors Lunar and UCS and on digital platforms on Tuesdays beginning April 28.

The retailer added, "We're expecting all other publishers on FOC next week for 5/20."

In an email submitted to sources later Saturday evening Higgins described his expectations for all other publishers to follow next week as "just an assumption," due to Diamond's previously stated and now reaffirmed timetable.

The DC ordering page going online was preceded Saturday morning by an "urgent notice" to retailers from Diamond parent company Geppi Family Enterprises informing retailers they had to submit new DC order quantities at the publisher's request by Monday, again citing a return in mid- to late-May as their target.

"DC Comics will be releasing these products through other sources prior to our distribution, but we will have inventory to fill your orders in our first shipment," the letter reads, reminding retailers it is crucial they submit updated orders for those products by noon Monday.

The letter goes to inform retailers that DC periodicals with an on-sale date of May 26th (also a placeholder) will be added to the FOC list on Monday along with a small number of DC Collectibles products. The letter does not address product from other publishers.