Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday's Headlines | DC Comics Changes

Just hours after varies sources reported that DC's planned April 1 titles were shifted to April 29 on comiXology and Kindle, those eight titles have been removed completely from the digital comics services. DC, however, still plans a slate of digital release of collections, reprints, and digital-first titles this week.

It was original reported from March 30, 2020: DC's monthly comic book releases solicited for April 1 have been re-scheduled to release on April 29 on comiXology (and its sister platform Kindle), per the individual listings for the eight scheduled titles.

Titles solicited for April 1 that are now listed on comiXology and Kindle for April 29 are Strange Adventures #2, Batman #92, Harley Quinn #72, Justice League #44, Justice League Odyssey #20, Lois Lane #10, Daphne Byrne #4, and The Dreaming #20.

Marvel Comics' planned April 1 digital releases remain listed for that date on comiXology, which also lists them as available in print on April 1, which would seemingly be inaccurate/outdated information, as Diamond announced a week prior that no print books would be delivered April 1 due to the distributor's suspension of operations in response to the coronavirus crisis. Marvel, however, has not publicly announced their intentions in regards to digital publishing while Diamond operations are suspended.

This past weekend a spokesperson for DC announced the publisher's plans to release its monthly comic books digitally during Diamond's shutdown. DC's solicited April 8 releases have not been listed on comiXology.