Saturday, April 25, 2020

Weekend Headlines | History of Comics | Notable Events April 1996 -1999

Good Saturday Morning!

Hope your day is well? Today, we're continuing our look at notable events in comic books! Towards the end of the 90's for April events kinda died down and nothing to notable really did happen. I guess it was a slow month for comics.

April 1996
Marvel discontinues its Marvel Edge imprint

April 1997
April 1: Tony Barbieri and Bill Wray's Monroe makes its debut in the 356th issue of Mad. It will run until 2010, albeit with a different artist from 2006 on: Tom Fowler.
Comic strip Cigarman begins publication in Smoke Magazine
Marvel cancels The Punisher (1995 series) with issue #18
April 1998
Nothing Notable (Crazy)

April 1999
Nothing Notable once more (Kinda boring)

*Note: I did hate how many times Marvel would cancel and then restart the Punisher series. It drove me nuts but in future events Marvel would continue the same bullshit with all it's titles. Example the X-titles.... Just says how many times did they cancel the series and then start all over again, again, and again.  Email me if you agree or disagree with me.