Tuesday, May 12, 2020

DC Approves TUESDAY On-Sale Dates for All Titles

DC has informed retailers it is approving Tuesday on-sale dates for all of its comic book titles - including comic books retailers order from Diamond Comic Distributors, who have traditionally mandated a Wednesday on-sale date.

"We have approved all retailers to sell DC product on Tuesdays, but the choice to participate in Tuesday on-sale is up to you," DC told retailers in a statement over the weekend. "You should base that decision on what makes the most sense for your business. You may continue to release DC product on Wednesdays if that is your preference."

After over two decades of Wednesday on-sale dates in the comic book Direct Market, DC switched to a Tuesday on-sale date on April 28 when it resumed print distribution with Lunar Distribution and UCS - put in place following Diamond's voluntary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"DC is working with our distribution partners for a targeted Monday delivery date to give you sufficient time to prepare for Tuesday on-sale, if you choose to participate in it," DC continued.

Tuesday on-sale dates have been the norm for DC's OGN and collection releases to traditional bookstores for years, but the Wednesday on-sale for the Direct Market has been an industry practice by DC and most other major publishers since the 1990s.

Marvel and other Direct Market-focused publishers have not stated if they plan to switch to a Tuesday release schedule, however their recently revised June 2020 solicitations adhere to their traditional Wednesday on-sale dates.