Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday's Headlines | My Hero Academia Season 5 Update

My Hero Academia season five is sailing smoothly despite the anime industry being thrown into disarray by the ongoing pandemic. The news went live earlier this week long after the finale of season four. 

My Hero Academia's sound director wanted to update fans on his work with the series which meant giving an update on season five. It was there he confirmed the season is in development amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, and Masafumi Mima is confident in how My Hero Academia will progress moving forward.

Taking to Twitter, the sound director shared a message with fans about the new season of My Hero Academia. It was there the musician confirmed work on the season's music list, and Masafumi has figured out what sorts of tracks this new season will need.

"The music list for the fifth season of My Hero Academia has been completed! The sound director's job has a hard part, and it's the music list. Now, the baton is passed to Yuuki Hayashi. I can't wait for it! Plus Ultra," the sound director shared.

Now, the future of the show's music lies with composer Yuuki Hayashi. The musician is one of the hottest in Japan when it comes to anime scores. After having hit it big on Haikyuu, Hayashi has amassed an army of fans thanks to his poignant work on My Hero Academia.

Currently, the show's fifth season is slated to debut in 2021, but there is no word on when it will go down. Fans are also concerned that My Hero Academia will be forced to vacate its release date depending on how the novel coronavirus has spread. 

Some industries are planning for 2021 to be impacted by the virus, and that means season five may run into production and post-production snags. But for the moment, it looks like all it clear with Izuku and his next anime comeback.