Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday's Headlines | Diamond Future Plans

Diamond Comic Distributors has announced plans to release revised solicitations for upcoming comic books and other products in a new May/June edition of their (usually) monthly Previews catalog to arrive on May 27. Traditionally, publishers share those solicitations early with press and readers.

Normally, Diamond's Previews catalog arriving at the end of May would feature comic books that would ship in August. The distributor has confirmed for Newsarama the products contained in the new catalog will be targeted for August 2020 on-sale dates.

Citing "production delays created by the COVID-19 outbreak," this issue (#380 for completists) will include "all items originally intended for May solicitation, plus new items solicited in June. All items in the catalog will carry item codes with a JUN20 prefix."

From their wording, it appears that all of the titles part of the original May 2020 solicitations (such as these from Marvel, DC, Image Comics) will be in this catalog, as well as "new items," possibly those from the original June 2020 solicitations which were also previously released.

"The deadline for orders from the April Previews was postponed to May 21st with publishers currently developing their publishing schedules, balancing the retailers’ and consumers’ appetites for new product with their own supply chain and creative team needs," reads a Diamond email explaining the dates.

"Much of that product will be rescheduled throughout June and July, with the May / June Previews primarily containing products targeted for August on-sale dates. Each publisher will be handling these challenges in their own way and we will continue to share their messaging through PREVIEWSWorld.com and retailer updates. "

In other words, the remainder of May (Diamond intends to resume distributing May 20), June and July will be make-up months in the Direct Market for items originally intended to ship in April and the early part of May.