Sunday, May 24, 2020

Weekend Headlines | My Hero Academia Season 4 Special DVD Extra

My Hero Academia brought its fourth season to an end awhile back, but it seems there is more on the way for the project. Thanks to a new report, fans have learned the home video for season four will revisit the Cultural Festival arc in a big way. After all, the story is being revived for a special light novel which explores the events after Class 1-A finishes their performance.

For those who don't know, this light novel went live in Japan when season four began its home video release. My Hero Academia is releasing six volumes of season four to fans in Japan, and each of those bundles come with the novel which continues the Cultural Festival. And thanks to translator Aitaikicochi, an English summary of the story has gone live.

According to Aitaikimochi, the light novel follows the events for the wrap up party after the Cultural Festival finishes. Class 1-A has plenty to do with the event as its stage show lit up attendees and is described as being a huge success. That is why Aizawa even agrees to the party, so the light novel follows any preparation going into the wrap party along with the festivities themselves.
"Class A's Cultural Festival live performances was a huge success. As a reward, they were given permission to hold a special party! The Class A members go out shopping, preparing food, and decorating the dorms! The students [cheer] to a job well done and have a lot of fun, but this party's not over just yet?! They'll have to do 'this' for the party to be done," the summary reads.

After watching Class 1-A give their all at the Cultural Festival, fans are happy to see the student celebrating. Izuku deserves some fun after dealing with the man known as Overhaul, and this wrap party is just the thing he needs to let loose after a terrifying mission involving the long gone Yakuza. With Eri safe at last, Izuku has been able to cope with the fallout of Overhaul's costly takedown, and the Cultura Festival helped in that healing. Now it is his friends turn to ease his worries, so fans are excited to see how Izuku and the others handle this wrap party.