Sunday, June 14, 2020

CGC Comic Information Pt. 1 To CGC Your Comics?

All About CGC Comics?
Though comic book grading has been around for decades, it wasn't until 2000 that a new third-party grading service, CGC, burst onto the scene and revolutionized the comic book collecting industry.

Though at times controversial, its proven grading system has become a gold standard for those looking to have their collection appraised.

What is CGC? Why Should You Care?
Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), launched in early 2000, is a comic book grading service that can help you determine whether a comic book you are considering for purchase is restored or conserved.

It also guarantees a consistent grade for the comic, which makes it easier to resell.

CGC is a subsidiary of Certified Collectibles Group, which provides grading services for coins and sports cards.

Located in Florida, CGC, which claims to grade over 100,000 comic books annually, is unique among grading services because it doesn't allow its employees to commercially buy or sell comic books.

This allows it to provide impartial and accurate valuations of comic books without the concern of conflicts of interest or fraud.

How CGC Authentication Works
CGC will grade your comic books for a fee; several pricing options are available—from $20 (with a 14-week turnaround timeframe) to a percentage of the book's value (same-day appraisal).

Many customers choose to ship their comic books to CGC for grading and evaluation.

CGC also partners with local and Internet dealers, to make submitting your book for grading easier and more convenient.

They even provide on-site grading at various comic book conventions nationwide, including San Diego Comic-Con, Boston Comic Con, and Wizard World Philadelphia.

According to CGC, packages are opened by its receiving department to ensure no damage occurred in the shipping process and to verify the package's contents.

From there, the comic book's information is entered into a computer database so that the book can be traced throughout the grading process.

Each book is then sealed in a protective mylar sleeve, labeled, and placed in a temperature-controlled room.  It is later reviewed by a CGC professional to determine if any restoration work had previously been done on the comic, which is noted on the certification label. This is all done before the grading process begins.

Once the grading process begins, it undergoes a comprehensive review, including page count, content review, distinguishing characteristics and flaws (such as tears, creases, color fading, spine splits, etc.), and a final CGC grade, which is an aggregate of the opinions of three professional graders and the approval of a final primary grader.

It should be noted that CGC uses a 10-point grading system:

10.0—Gem Mint
9.8—Near Mint/Mint
9.6—Near Mint +
9.2—Near Mint –
9.0—Very Fine/Near Mint
8.5—Very Fine +
8.0—Very Fine
7.5—Very Fine –
7.0—Fine/Very Fine
6.5—Fine +
5.5—Fine -
5.0—Very Good/Fine
4.5—Very Good +
4.0—Very Good
3.5—Very Good –
3.0—Good/Very Good
2.5—Good +
1.5—Good –

Once the book is graded, it is placed in an archival-quality interior well along with its bar coded grading certificate, which is then placed inside a transparent sleeve using compression and ultrasonic vibrations.

After being encapsulated, the book undergoes one last quality control check to ensure that the label is correct, and to check for any flaws that may have occurred since it was graded.

From there, the CGC graded comic book is ready to be picked up or shipped to its rightful owner.