Sunday, June 14, 2020

CGC Comic Information Pt. 3 Criticism & Price

CGC Comics and Price StabilityOne of the biggest complaints about CGC's emergence in the industry has been the inflation of the value of comic books.

While many Golden and Silver Age comic books are worth a significant amount of money, comic fans have complained that numerous comics that were published in the last two decades (1990s-2000s) are being graded and offered at inflated prices.

Some collectors are asking unheard-of prices for books that have been graded in poor condition, simply because they are older books.

Some retailers have contended that while CGC has provided a much-needed standard for grading, it has overinflated comic book prices to the point where many are scared that once prices settle and come back to reasonable ranges, many collectors will be left with overpaid books that are worth significantly less than what they paid for them.

If that happens, many retailers and fans worry that it will discourage comic collecting altogether, which could ultimately hurt the comic book industry.

Criticism of CGC Comics Inconsistency
Some have complained about the inconsistency in CGC comics grading. Collectors have noted that they have had comic books graded, opened the tamper-evident holding to review the comic book, taken it back to CGC for re-grading, and received a higher grade than was initially provided.

Others have noted grading inconsistencies between past evaluations and more recent ones.

Some are pointing out that books that in the past were graded 9.8 — the lowest possible score to be considered mint condition by CGC — lacked any distinguishing flaws, whereas many books today that are awarded a 9.8 score have noticeable flaws, including blunted corners and spine tears. 

Some collectors contend that the change in grading styles is to increase CGC's overall business. They believe that if CGC is more lenient with its grading process, more collectors will have their comic books graded, thus increasing CGC's bottom line.

Several collectors have called on CGC to be more transparent in their grading process, which CGC has failed to do.