Sunday, June 14, 2020

CGC Comic Information Pt. 4 CGC's Rivals

CGC's Rivals: CBCS and PGX Comics
CBCS is a relative newcomer to third-party grading. Founded by the former founder of CGC, it is quickly gaining ground in the market, and is highly regarded by comic dealers and collectors.

PGX, a far older company, has faced a great deal of criticism by collectors about the quality of its service and grading impartiality.

Several collectors have alleged that PGX lacks the ability to detect alterations and restorations made to older comic books. Those books, they claim, were graded in mint condition by PGX, and subsequently sent to CGC for a second grading, where they were noted as having been restored.

Other collectors allege that PGX employees have taken comic books that were provided to the company for grading, and substituted them with an identical book of lesser quality from their personal collections.

PGX has also been hounded by controversy regarding the security of their protective sleeves. Some have accused PGX customers of removing graded books from their secured protective sleeves, making physical alterations, and placing the book back in the sleeve.

PGX says they have fixed those issues and added additional security features.

We strongly recommend avoiding PGX comic book grading. Stick with CBCS or CGC comics if you want your vintage comics graded.

Should You Send Your Books to CGC Comics?
Well, that my friend is totally up to you. We're just giving you the information. Good Luck!