Friday, June 26, 2020

DC's Harley Quinn News Coming Today!

Big buzz right now...

DC is hinting at big things ahead for Harley Quinn – in fact, they're waving a hammer in our faces and promising it's gonna hit us with some big news regarding the Clown Princess of Crime some time
on Friday.

Thursday afternoon, DC tweeted an image of Harley Quinn by current Batman artist Jorge Jimenez, featuring Harley brandishing her trademark baseball bat and gigantic mallet – both seemingly spattered with blood, no less – along with Harlety's word bubbles reading "Somethin' BIG is comin' – I'm droppin' the hammer TOMORROW!" and the caption "Listen to Harley: somethin' BIG is comin'."

Harley Quinn is playing a major role in the upcoming Batman arc 'The Joker War' by writer James Tynion IV and Jimenez, which runs from Batman #95-100. 

In this week's Batman #93, Harley Quinn already met the Joker's new henchwoman/moll Punchline, who ended up cutting her throat and leaving her for dead.