Sunday, June 7, 2020

Weekend Headlines | DC Ends 25 Year Relationship with Diamond

Yesterday, One of DC’s new, primary distributors to Direct Market comic book stores has something to say about the major sea change of DC breaking ties with Diamond Comic Distributors. Gerry Gladston, partner at UCS Comic Distributors (and chief marketing officer of sister company Midtown Comics), tells Newsarama that DC’s decision is “momentous news in the industry.”

“We’re proud to be chosen by DC Comics to distribute their comics and graphic novels to comic shops in the United States,” Gladston says. “At UCS we’ll continue our premium standards to meet the needs and expectations of retailers in this transitional period. We look forward to working with
everyone to help grow the industry that we all love.”

UCS is one of two Direct Market distributors, alongside Lunar Distribution, launched this year to fill the void after Diamond decided to cease distribution temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic in late March.

UCS and Lunar began distributing DC comics on April 27, with Diamond resuming service on May 20. Currently, all three companies distribute DC products to comic book stores; however Diamond’s last week of distributing DC books will be June 23.