Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday's Headlines | Image Comics teases "Crossover" for November

Image Comics has released a teaser image consisting simply of the word "Crossover..." displayed in white against a deteriorated black background, with ellipses. The publisher's tweet including the teaser did not offer any insight into what the story or series being foreshadowed might be but did include the caption "November. #CrossoverComic."

What exactly is being referenced remains a mystery – including whether the teaser is laying the marketing groundwork for a crossover among Image Comics properties (or something even bigger), or a new title called 'Crossover'.

Image previously began a never-completed crossover comic book series titled Image United that brought together characters created by many of the Image founders, including Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Rob Liefeld's Youngblood, Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, and more.

Earlier this year, when the comic book Direct Market and much of the overall industry went on hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, McFarlane spoke openly about a new Image Comics crossover or a crossover of characters between publishers as a way to maintain interest in the industry and drive potential blockbuster sails as a financial windfall for the companies involved and for retailers who might carry such a series.