Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday's Headlines | Amazing Mary Jane ongoing canceled by Marvel

Over the weekend.... Marvel Comics' ongoing title Amazing Mary Jane is one of several titles that remain on hiatus following the distribution shutdown in April and May due to COVID-19.

While other titles have since been rescheduled, this spin-off to Amazing Spider-Man has been on stand-by - but the series' cover artist says it has been canceled.

"This was supposed to be the cover for Mary Jane Issue #10...but the book got canceled," Amazing Mary Jane cover artist Paolo Siqueira writes on ComicArtFans.

The last released issue of Amazing Mary Jane was #6, back on March 18.  Prior to the COVID-19-influenced distribution shutdown, Marvel had advance solicited the next three issues to go on-sale April 29, May 20, and June 24.

"Disaster strikes while Mary Jane is promoting her (and Mysterio's) big movie! Is this terrible luck or part of someone's dark design?!" reads Marvel's description of the unreleased #7. "It'll take some drastic measures to keep her safe! We're about to put MJ waaaaay out of her comfort zone…"