Monday, July 20, 2020

Monday's Headlines | PS5 Pre-Orders Keep Going Up!

If you're like us, you've been a bit paranoid about PlayStation 5 pre-orders going live at a random time with low stock levels. However, there has been some good news on both fronts in recent days. First off, a recent report indicated that PS5 production has been doubled to meet demand - though that hasn't been officially confirmed.

Next, Sony eased everyone's fears by stating that pre-orders wouldn't go live without prior notice. That said, it seems as though we can all relax a little bit - though we're still waiting on news about the price. Currently, $500 continues to be the focus of rumors on the standard edition (a Digital Edition of the PS5 will also be available). Below you'll find everything we know about the PS5 launch, thus far - including games, pre-order signups, and more.

Release Date: As noted, Sony is on track for a global holiday launch for the PS5. Console releases typically happen in November to maximize holiday season shopping. As noted, some good news dropped on July 15th that states Sony doubled production of the PS5 to meet increased demand resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. However, releases of this magnitude always seem to fall short in terms of supply, so expect sell outs and the usual hoarding and markups on eBay to go into overdrive. If the reports about increased production are true, perhaps it will be easier to resist these wildly overpriced listings.

Price: Currently, $500 is the educated guess price point for the PS5. Presumably, the digital edition of the console would be at least $50 cheaper. This would be fairly reasonable if you compare it to previous PlayStation releases and take inflation into account. In general, it's likely that the console will fall between $450 (loss leader pricing) and $549.

Pre-Orders: At the time of writing you can sign up for PlayStation 5 notifications via the following retailers:

PS5 on Amazon
PS5 at Best Buy
PS5 at Walmart
PS5 at GameStop
PS5 at Target
PS5 on eBay (last resort)