Sunday, July 26, 2020

Top 3 Manga Comic Books

3. Barakamon 18 Plus 1 GN Vol 19 $18.00 Yen Press
By: Satsuki Yoshino
This official fan book is a musthave for any Barakamon fan, with 69 specially drawn pages of new stories and over 70 fullcolor illustrations!

2. Last Crusade Rise New World Light Novel SC Vol 03 $15.00 Yen On
By: Kei Sazane , Ao Nekonabe
Tasked with a special mission from the Saint Disciple Risya to infiltrate the Sovereignty, Iska finds himself breaking off from his platoon after an accident he didn't bargain for. With Alice assigned to spy on him nearby, the seemingly incompatible duo manage to get a glimpse of what lies deep in each other's hearts.

1. Little Devils GN Vol 04 $12.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
By: Uuumi
Prepare for one hell of a babysitting job in this slice-of-life comedy about a dozen little devils! After the defeat of the demon king, twelve adorable demons were born into the world. God orders Byron, a hero, to raise the little devils into paragons of virtue--for the sake of peace across the land. Now Byron must summon household powers and slay domestic chores in the life-or-death struggle of raising little kids!

Bonus: Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt GN Vol 14 $14.99 Viz Communications
By: Yasuo Ohtagaki
The Nanyang Alliance desperately tries to evacuate their Psycho Zakus from the Taal volcano base under intense pressure from the attacking Federation forces. To cover the retreat, Daryl Lorenz and the members of his team try to hold off Io Fleming and his unit. But this face-off was always going to come down to Io and Daryl, whose rivalry has only intensified since they first dueled in the Thunderbolt Sector. Each will accept nothing less than total destruction of the other, but victory always comes at a price