Saturday, August 15, 2020

DC Cancels Comic Book Titles

Good morning!

Well, it's kinda been a crazy year so far for DC Comics! They dropped Diamond Distributors. They have started layoffs and as of yesterday the company announced they are dropping titles.

Following the cancellations of Batgirl, Batman and The Outsiders, and Justice League Odyssey in October, more DC titles are scheduled to get the ax in November.

The next wave begins DC's just-released November solicitations reveal that Teen Titans, Young Justice, Suicide Squad, Hawkman, and John Constantine: Hellblazer are all ending in November – with a cryptic message about Aquaman that makes the title's fate questionable. The Batman's Grave and Metal Men limited series will also reach their planned end in November.

Jim Lee sees 'greater upside' in digital comics, DC scaling back its line by up to 25%. WTF?!!! "Absolutely. One hundred percent. It is still the cornerstone of everything that we do. The need for storytelling, updating the mythology, is vital to what we do," Lee tells The Hollywood Reporter when asked if DC still planned to publish monthly comic books.

"The organization leans on us to share and establish the meaningful elements of the content that they need to use and incorporate for all their adaptations. When we think about reaching global audiences, and we see comics as helping drive that awareness and that international brand, it's very much part of our future."

So how do feel about all this? Email me your thoughts NWCG tell us what you like or dislike what DC Comics is right or wrong?