Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday's Headlines | Black Cat series going on hiatus for "for a (long) bit,"

Marvel Comics' ongoing Black Cat series has been placed on hiatus as of this week's Black Cat #12, which concludes Felicia's heist of a suit of Tony Stark's armor and subsequent fight with Iron Man. The issue ends with the promise "To be continued…" and a full-page ad, seen here, stating "Black Cat will return in King In Black."

However, despite the promise that the character Black Cat will continue, issue #13 of her series has yet to be re-solicited from its original June release date which was scuttled when the comic book industry went on hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"Lily Hollister has been through a lot. Her dad was district attorney, she was engaged to Harry Osborn, she found her future father-in-law's Goblin stash and accidentally turned herself into Menace, sided with the Green Goblin and his Goblin Nation and ended up with amnesia and a leased super hero identity, 'Queen Cat.' Whew. Like we said, a lot. But she’s turning over a new leaf," reads the indefinitely postponed solicitation for Black Cat #13.

"Queen Cat is a super hero, and every good super hero needs an archenemy," it continues. "Her target? Felicia Hardy, A.K.A. the Black Cat."

*Note: Once I heard J. Scott Campbell was done doing the covers for this title, I was done with the series. Let's be honest comic book fans, we love the artwork that Campbell does, who cares about the title now? Agree or disagree Email Me NWCG