Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday's Headlines | Kelly Sue DeConnick confirms her Aquaman exit

Kelly Sue DeConnick has confirmed her departure as the writer of DC's ongoing Aquaman title with November 17's Aquaman #65, to be included in DC's November 2020 solicitations, and it remains unclear what the future of the Aquaman title is altogether beyond November.

DeConnick took over Aquaman in 2018 with #43, writing over 20 issues of the series, counting a recent fill-in from writer Jordan Clark on Aquaman #62 and the upcoming Aquaman #63. The cover shown here is for Aquaman #64, DeConnick's return issue.

"You're very kind, but condolences are unnecessary," DeConnick states on Twitter in response to a fan who asserted Aquaman had been cancelled. "I am leaving the book a few issues past when I'd planned to leave. I stayed on longer than I'd intended because the pandemic school closures caused me to fall behind and I needed extra time to wrap up storylines."