Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday's Headlines | Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Reportedly Begins Filming Next Month

Obi-Wan's solo series has experienced ups and downs since it was first announced, but a new report says the show may be ready to get underway. Earlier this month, a few reports suggested the Star Wars series would begin production in early 2021, but a piece from Making Star Wars says the schedule has been pushed up big time.

The well-known fan-site says sources familiar with the production told them Obi-Wan will kick off production next month. This means the show would forego its rumored 2021 date for a September 2020 start. Making Star Wars says production will begin with exterior shots filmed somewhere in Southern California.

In fact, the location is one that Disney and Lucasfilm have used before. The report says Obi-Wan will kick off work in a train yard that was used often for The Mandalorian. The train yard was done up to recreate Tattoine, and Making Star Wars believes the desert planet will factor into Obi-Wan's solo series as well.

The new report also suggests the series will film in England as once said. Pinewood Studios UK appears to be planning on the project's arrival, but there is no word on when the team would arrive overseas. The exterior shots will be completed first in California before primary production moves to the United Kingdom. Of course, this timing will all depend on how the travel industry is impacted by COVID-19; At this time, international travel is still difficult to do given all the restrictions in place.