Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tuesday's Headlines | X-O Manowar Returns This November

After debuting a brand new run in March, X-O Manowar is finally returning later this year. ComicBook.com can exclusively reveal Valiant has scheduled X-O Manowar #2 for release on November 25th, marking the first time Aric of Dacia has appeared since coronavirus-related shutdowns pushed virtually all comic titles back.

"X-O Manowar has always been a nuclear missile with the mind of a noble warrior. He's unstoppable in combat, a white hot, world-seering superweapon," Manowar writer Dennis Hallum tells us. "Need to defeat an alien warlord, repel an intergalactic invasion or end a war, Aric's your guy. But this time X-O Manowar is acting local. What happens when a nuclear missile moves in down the street? How does a superweapon playing superhero save the neighborhood? How does he change the world?"

Featuring interior artwork from Emilio Laiso, X-O Manowar is coming to market with three different covers — an "A" cover from Christian Ward, a "B" cover from Netho Diaz, and a retailer 1:25 variant from Daniel Warren Johnson. We've got all three covers and an exclusive look at the first four finished pages of the issue.

"X-O Manowar is the simplest concept and that's what makes it so fun," Hallum adds. "It's a classic comic book idea turned on its head. You take your impossibly advanced armored super suit, and instead of strapping it on a billionaire genius or mad scientist... How about a battle-hardened Visigoth prince. He's an ancient warrior trapped in our ridiculous modern world wearing a weapon that humbles every military on Earth. He's a badass's badass. All we have to do is make him charming and relatable and you've got yourself the perfect comic."