Friday, September 25, 2020

Adidas LEGO ZX 8000 Sneakers Launch Today

Adidas has been doing sneaker collaborations with just about everyone lately as part of their year-long A-ZX series, but their partnership with LEGO is particularly exciting. The adidas ZX 8000 has been given a LEGO brick makeover which includes bold colors, LEGO studs on the heels, co-branded tongue tabs, co-branded yellow sock liners, 6 different colored lace options, and interchangeable LEGO brick lace jewels.

The design might be over-the-top for some, while others will do everything in their power to secure a pair. That said, these won't be easy to get your hands on - but if you simply must have them here's what you need to know...

The adidas ZX 800 LEGO sneakers will launch today, September 25th, priced at $130. In order to purchase a pair at the standard price, you'll need to download the adidas app (details here) and enter into the raffle before 6:30 am PST (9:30am EST). Winners will be drawn automatically at 10am EST. In other words, your odds of getting a pair this way are very slim - but it's worth a shot. If you really, really want a pair, be prepared to pay a premium here on eBay, StockX, or GOAT.