Sunday, September 20, 2020

Batman Day | My Favorite Moments

Good morning!

Huge shout out to all the awesome Batman fans out. Got word, events we're awesome and everyone enjoyed sharing various pictures online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Telling people about their favorite Batman moments. 

Tell me share my favorite things about Batman. First off, I have the Batman tattoo. Got it when I was 18 and it's best thing I've done. Sometimes I forget I have on my shoulder after all these years. 

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon l loved watching Batman the animated series after school. If you knew the bus schedule and you knrw what time the show started. I walk right into house, just in time to hear the opening theme start. Nothing beat watching that series after school. Good times. 

Growing up I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Palm Springs and wanted to visit a comic book store. It was 10 miles away with heavy construction traffic but my dad drove there and saw it.... Batman #500.  I didn't hesitate to purchase that issue. It's awesome  memory to have of certain comics you do pick up.

Finally, I can never choose what movie I liked watching. I've seen them all, but my favorite would be Batman! Next to that would be The Dark Knight. Third, anime movie the Red Hood was good.  

Wanted to share my favorite Batman moments. Have a great day everyone!