Friday, October 2, 2020

DC Delays Amethyst Finale by 9 Weeks

The finale of DC's current Amethyst series has been postponed, with the sixth issue now scheduled for release November 24.

When delays of the final issue were brought up on Twitter by a fan, writer/artist Amy Reeder apologized and said she was "hard at work to make it killer!"

Launched back in February as part of the young-reader-centric Wonder Comics line, Amethyst follows a teenage Earth girl named Amy who has discovered the orphaned princess of a magical dimension called Gemworld. In this new series, Amy returns after several years away to find her realm has fallen into disarray and she begins a quest to find out what happened, who caused it, and how to fix it.

Following a comics-wide hiatus in comics shipping in the early summer due to COVID-19, Amethyst resumed August 25 with its fifth issue. Amethyst #6 - the finale was solicited for a September 22 release but was later pushed back to October 20, and now November 24.