Sunday, October 4, 2020

Top 3 TPB Comic Books

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome as Northwest Comics & Games Presents Top 3 TPB Comic Books. We hope you'll enjoy this weeks picks. And we travel to your local store please practice social distancing guidelines.  Have a great Sunday!

1. Gudetama HC Adulting for the Lazy $9.99 Oni Press
Inspired by the worldwide hit Sanrio character and animated series star! How do I get a job while still having enough time to party? I'm supposed to pay rent every month?! How am I supposed to live without my mom doing my laundry? Adulting is tough. Thankfully, Gudetama is here to guide you on your path to growth!

2. Tartarus TPB Vol 01 $16.99 Image Comics
When Surka, a ruthless criminal warlord, escapes her prison pit, she unleashes a wave of destruction that ripples across Tartarus, a vital colony in an everlasting galactic war. Years later when Tilde, a young cadet, learns that she's Surka's daughter, will she continue to fight on the side of galactic order or reclaim her mother's dark crown? From #1 NYT Bestseller JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS (FIREBUG, William Gibson's Alien 3) and visionary artist JACK T. COLE (The Unsound) comes a sci-fi adventure for the ages. Collects TARTARUS #1-5

3. The Umbrella Academy Volume 3: Hotel Oblivion Library Edition HC $39.99 Dark Horse
With a new Netflix series, the award-winning graphic novels are back! Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, Doom Patrol) and Gabriel Ba (Two Brothers, Casanova) return to comics' most bizarre superhero team. Faced with an increasing number of lunatics with superpowers, Sir Reginald Hargreeves developed the ultimate solution . . . But their past is coming back to haunt them.  This lower-priced hardcover in Dark Horse's popular library edition format is oversized with the expanded sketchbook featuring artwork not seen in the trade paperback, minus the slipcase and exclusive print.