Friday, October 23, 2020

Top 5 Manga Countdown

Greetings Manga Fans,

Welcome as Northwest Comics & Games Presents the Top 5 Manga Countdown! We hope you get out and enjoy this awesome comics!

5. Persona 5 Manga GN Vol 04 $9.99 Viz Media
By: Hisato Murasaki
Akira and the gang think they've stolen Madarame's treasure, but before they can escape the palace, its master-Shadow Madarame himself- catches up to them and reveals the true story behind Yusuke's mother's death! Back in the real world, sinister agents have begun to investigate the strange events surrounding the Phantom Thieves. Will Akira and the gang be able to stay one step ahead of them?!

4. Restaurant to Another World GN Vol 02 $13.00 Yen Press
By: Junpei Inuzuka , Takaaki Kugatsu , Katsumi Enami
Every Saturday, customers from a parallel world come to dine at Western Restaurant Nekoya-across forests, deserts, towns, and more. What they desire is not merely to sate their hunger, but to truly savor the food only this Earthly restaurant has to offer!

3. Roll Over and Die Light Novel Vol 01 $13.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
By: kiki, , Kinta
A dark and bloody light novel series about two women fighting fate and finding love in each other. Flum Apricot was never meant to be a hero. Despite zero stats across the board and a power she can't even use, she somehow finds herself included in a party of heroes. But Flum's life hits rock bottom when the party's renowned sage, Jean Inteige, decides that the useless girl is dead weight, and arranges to have her sold into slavery. Tossed to monsters to be feasted upon for her master's entertainment, Flum makes the desperate choice to reach for a cursed weapon… and something new awakens within her. A grimdark tale about one woman's blood-soaked quest to reclaim her life!

2. Radiant GN Vol 13 $9.99 Viz Media
By: Tony Valente
Attempting to corral a Nemesis threatening the city of Bôme, Seth crashes it into the garden of the city's king, Herklès VII. Believing this an attack on the king's life, Inquisition soldiers and the king himself try to take Seth down. Seeking escape, Seth relies on the aid of someone he'd once considered an enemy-and maybe still is! Meanwhile, facing certain death, Seth's friends Mélie and Ocoho are at odds over how to save themselves, with Ocoho urging the use of a technique Mélie absolutely refuses to consider!

1. Buck Naked in Another World Novel SC Vol 02 $14.99 Seven Seas Entertainment
By: Madoka Kotani , Mochiusa
College dropout Yoshida 'Shooter' Shuta has survived enslavement, a basilisk, and his first dungeon crawl. Now, he just wants to get back to Apegut village - and to Cassandra, the wife he accidentally abandoned. But all's not well on the home front… A minotaur clan lurks on the other side of the lake, and it's up to bare-bottom warrior Shooter to grab the bull by the horns!