Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tuesday's Headlines | Spider-Man 3 Filming Next Week in New York

Marvel Studios and Sony are ready to get to work on the third Spider-Man movie in the Homecoming trilogy. Production on the film is slated to begin in New York City on October 16, though it is unclear if the entire cast and crew are going to be on hand for the shoot. Spider-Man 3 is in production under the working title of "Serenity Now." 

Notices for production of Serenity Now have been spotted around New York City, revealing when the production is scheduled to take place. This is a part of standard procedure for major films as permits require public notices where the public might be impacted by road closures, for example.

The shoot in New York beginning next week might not call for Tom Holland or director Jon Watts to be on hand. This might be second unit work, picking up additional shots of New York City for the movie, seeing as Spider-Man: Far From Home ended on quite a cliffhanger in the city that never sleeps. 

Furthermore, Spider-Man 3 will be using some innovative new technology which requires the cast members to be scanned into a VFX system before production and it will add some make-up, costumes, or other looks to the cast members for their appearances in character. Part of the reason for this new technology being used is to help keep production running smoothly during the COVID pandemic.

The filming notice which indicates Spider-Man 3 will be getting to work can be seen below, indicating that we might see a Spider-Man on set as soon as next week.