Monday, November 2, 2020

Monday's Headlines | Star Wars: The Mandalorian Coming to Comic Books?


With this week's premiere of season two of Disney Plus' The Mandalorian, sources were reminded this past June Lucasfilm announced comic books based on the streaming series from Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing (see below) as part of a wave of new Mandalorian products across multiple publishing media.

However, unless rush solicited or published digital-first the earliest either publisher could release Mandalorian comic books to comic book shops and bookstores would be February 2021, well after season 2 concludes.

Neither Marvel nor IDW responded to a request for an update on their publishing plans when contacted this week. 

(see below)

Lucasfilm has announced plans for a new line of Star Wars comic books based on the Disney Plus streaming TV series The Mandalorian, which focuses on the titular bounty hunter and his trials and tribulations protecting an infant – colloquially known as 'Baby Yoda' – from malicious villains that want to learn the secret of the child's extensive Force powers.

Announced as part of a wave of new Mandalorian products across multiple publishing media, Lucasfilm's plans call for comic books from both Marvel Comics (who share Lucasfilm's parent company, the Walt Disney Company, and who publish the regular Star Wars comic line), and IDW Publishing, who publish the Star Wars Adventures all-ages comic line.

Though the specific Mandalorian comic books planned from Marvel and IDW haven't been outlined, Lucasfilm also announced plans to adapt the plot of The Mandalorian as an all-ages graphic novel in Random House's Screen Comix line. Titan, publisher of numerous licensed and original comic books, was included in the list of publishers who will create "magazine, novelty, and coloring and activity titles" based on The Mandalorian.