Thursday, November 12, 2020

PS5 Will Be In Stock Online at Walmart Today


Ordering a PlayStation 5 console is no easy task, with retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart repeatedly selling out of their meager restocks in seconds. However, today (November 12th), is the official launch day, so there will be opportunities to get your hands on the console and be part of the Day One crowd. The odds aren't great, but the good news is that Walmart is offering four solid opportunities to procure the console today.

Walmart has been kind enough to offer specific times that you can try your luck ordering a PS5 on launch day. These times are 12pm EST, 3pm EST, 6pm EST, and 9pm EST. This includes both the standard PS5 and PS5 Digital consoles via the following links:

PS5 at Walmart

PS5 Digital at Walmart

This is a bold move for Walmart given the problems that they've had in the past in similar situations. Don't be surprised if the PS5s sell out instantaneously in each launch window. We also expect to see issues with the site crashing and / or issues with hopefuls adding the PS5 to their cart only to discover that it sold out before they could complete the process. Anger ensues.

Good Luck!