Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Weekly Top 5 Comic Book Countdown for 11/11/2020

Greetings Comic Book Fans!

We here at Northwest Comics & Games are staying healthy and we hope you are as well! Please remember to follow the social distance guidelines of your local comic book store. Hey, everyone it's another awesome week of comics out today. We hope you find something to enjoy. 

Let comic's be your escape from the world.... only one book at a time!  

Thanks for reading.

5. Power Rangers #1 $4.99 Boom! Studios
wo New Series, Two New Teams - The UNLIMITED POWER Era Begins HERE - And Only Lord Drakkon, Their Greatest Enemy, Can Save Them! Superstar writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and fan favorite artist Francesco Mortarino (Go Go Power Rangers) reveal a new cosmic threat that only the original Power Rangers, now known as the Omega Rangers - Jason, Trini and Zack - can hope to defeat!  But their secret weapon is... the villainous Lord Drakkon?! Zordon forbids the Omega Rangers from contacting Drakkon, so if they want to save the universe then they'll have to go rogue - and go up against their Mighty Morphin allies. The next big Power Rangers epic begins here, perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike.

4. Scarenthood #1 (of 4) $4.99 IDW Publishing
TO-DO LIST: Drop kids at preschool/ Grab coffee with other parents/ Go ghost-hunting in woods/ Fight demonic entity/ Collect kids/ Naptime. With their kids away on a field trip, a group of parents disturbs an ancient evil buried beneath the old Church Hall, unearthing a decades-old mystery about a missing child, and inviting something... hungry into their lives. Suddenly, their mornings go from playdates and peanut allergies, to a battle for the souls of one broken family?-and one child in particular. What scares you the most: fighting demons, or letting your kids down? Nick Roche (Transformers: The Wreckers Saga, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows) and Chris O'Halloran (Ice Cream Man) have the answers.

3. Wolverine #7 $3.99 Marvel Comics
Endurance. Survival. The true lesson of pain.

2. Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hours Exxxtreme #1 $5.99 DC Comics
Pull up a chair, ya bastiches it's time for Uncle Lobos Infinite Hour! It's your chance to let the Main Man Lobo-tomize you with familiar yet freaky stories of the DC Universe, exactly as he remembers them: with blood and guts and exxxtreme gratuitous violence! Tell yer comics guy to put you down for alllll the copies!

1. Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #1 (of 5) $3.99 Image Comics
NEW STORY ARC! It's KICK-ASS versus HIT-GIRL. Old allies become enemies when Mindy screeches into Albuquerque to kill the imposter who's been running gangs in New Mexico. And as Hit-Girl sets out to avenge Dave and stop Kick-Ass' criminal operations for good, Patience fights to survive as the target of the best assassin in the biz-and questions whether she could ever kill a child to save her own life.