Sunday, December 13, 2020

Marvel Delays Series

It appears we might have an answer to why Marvel Comics decided not to plan an issue of Black Widow for February - work on the series appears behind schedule. The publisher informed retailers overnight that January's Black Widow #5 has been delayed six weeks.

In the last issue of Black Widow, Natasha's quiet and content retirement was shattered when it was revealed that her husband and children were a lie - created as part of an elaborate scheme to dupe the Avenger.

"The end is also the beginning... As Natasha finally begins to escape her paradise and takes aim on her enemies, she can't ignore that her freedom comes at a devastating cost," reads the solicitation for Black Widow #5. "Is this what finally breaks the Black Widow? Winning the day will change Natasha forever and set her on a bold new path. Losing... is no longer an option."