Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday's Headlines | DC Plan for Bat-Family in 2021

Batman won 'The Joker War,' but lost his family fortune along the way - and that's just the prelude to DC's big plans for its flagship Batman title by writer James Tynion IV in 2021.

After a two-month hiatus for the 'Future State' event looks at possible DC futures, Tynion and a flock of Bat-creators will descend for a new era in the Bat-family titles (and DC as a whole). Tynion is spreading his wings by taking on a second title (a new Joker series), while new creative teams take over Detective Comics and Nightwing, a new volume of Harley Quinn is launched, and a third ongoing Bat-title - Batman: Urban Legends - all begin in March.

Tynion is charting the course ahead for DC's Dark Knight (and the Clown Prince of Crime), while also acting as a defacto showrunner (alongside Batman group editor Ben Abernathy) on this entire line of Bat-family titles at DC.

What are you excited for in March 2021?