Wednesday, December 23, 2020

TPB Pick of The Week | Apocalypse Girl TPB

Apocalypse Girl TPB $19.99 Source Point Press
From the carcass of a burned out city she has known as home, to a small town torn between the factions of the enigmatic Mama Shotgun, madame of the town brothel, and Pastoer Jacob, preacher to the tent city 'flock' on the outskirts, Apocalypse Girl follows the journey of Anna, from the loss of her papa, to her search for his friend, Abraham, plunging her in to both the conflicts of the town and pitting her against the tyrannical warlord known as General Cleaver and his chief lieutenant, 'The Handler.' 

Battling creatures made from science gone wrong and culled from the psyches of madmen, Anna's journey claws its way through a future world of violence, depravity, monsters, and perhaps, occasionally, even a hero or two.