Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tuesday's Headlines | DC Gives The Joker Ongoing Series

DC will launch a new monthly The Joker ongoing series in March, giving the publisher's new post-Future State line-up a jolt of the unexpected and perhaps some insight on the question of 'who is the second most popular character in comic books?' 

Batman's James Tynion IV is the series' writer and he'll be joined by artist Guillem March, and we now know this is the second Batman-family title Tynion (who will remain on Batman with Jorge JimĂ©nez) he's been teasing. 

The Joker, who was the centerpiece of the big 2020 Batman crossover 'The Joker War,' the star of 2020's Black Label series Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns and is the inspiration for Dark Nights: Death Metal's The Batman Who Laughs/Darkest Knight, is arguably one of the most bankable comic book characters this side of his nemesis Batman at the moment.