Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tuesday's Headlines | Star Wars Comics

George Lucas's Star Wars was inspired by comic books, and in the ’90s Dark Horse comics proved to be a fertile hotbed for the franchise's revitalization before the film series restart that continues to this day.

Marvel Comics is home to the key Star Wars comics for hardcore fans, as they're confirmed in-continuity with the movies and TV shows. The House of Ideas currently has four ongoing Star Wars titles - Star Wars, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, and Bounty Hunters - with a fifth, The High Republic, beginning on January 6.

Meanwhile, IDW has been serving an all-ages counterpoint to those with several tremendous Star Wars ongoing's and limited series, including an adaptation of Greg Rucka's prose novel Smuggler's Run.

Speaking of adaptations, Viz Media is also releasing a Rucka prose novel adaptation: Guardian of the Whills, in the style of manga.

One thing conspicuously absent from the comic book lines to date has been any tie-in to Disney Plus's The Mandalorian. Disney announced plans to eventually create Mandalorian comics back in June, but to date, Mandalorian comics have been M.I.A.

And that's not to mention the numerous new Star Wars collections coming out at almost a weekly clip from Marvel, IDW, Viz, and others, putting recent arcs all in one place and, in some cases, bringing back in print storylines that haven't been available for years.