Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Weekly Top 5 Comic Book Countdown For 12/16/2020


Welcome as Northwest Comics & Games Presents the Weekly Top 5 Comic Book Countdown! We're suggesting the following comic book titles for your reading entertainment. Please remember to follow social distance guide lines and have a great day!

5. Doctor Who Comics #2 $3.99 Titan Comics
Doctor Who returns with the comic debut of iconic 70s TV Villain! After narrowly escaping the Weeping Angels and the Auton's in 1960s London, the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor must team - up once again to save present - day Earth from being overrun by the classic aquatic villain, the Sea Devils! Who else can the y turn to for help but Rose Tyler: leader of the human resistance!

4. Sh*tshow #1 $3.99 Scout Comics
The world once had an Age of Heroes, where Legend, the Principled Protector of Peace, and his Legion defended the Earth from threats far and wide. Then, in the blink of an eye, unimaginably horrific forces catapulted the Age of Heroes into extinction! Now, as people wander aimlessly through a hero-less world, The Magnificent McCoy's travel far and wide to showcase their powers for the almighty penny. Led by the drunkard Richard McCoy - the hero once known as Legend - the McCoy's try to find normalcy in a world that is just slivers of what it once was. As the dust finally begins to settle, the dark force that looked to conquer the world returns to finish the job it started. Can Legend remain sober enough to put this mysterious force down once and for all?

3. Black Cat #1 $3.99 Marvel Comics
THE CAT IN BLACK IS BACK! Feeling lucky? Knull's attack on Earth interrupts the Black Cat's latest heist, and if you know Felicia, you know that's a problem. So the Cat and her crew aim to steal something of greatest value to both Knull and Earth's hope of survival. You'll have to pick up this issue to find out what! This issue guest-stars the X-Men! Captain America! And Doctor Strange! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

2. Post Americana #1 (of 6) $3.99 Image Comics
From MAESTROS creator, WE STAND ON GUARD co-creator, and The Matrix storyboard artist STEVE SKROCE with coloring by Eisner Award-winning DAVE STEWART. The Cheyanne mountain installation, aka The BUBBLE, is the most sophisticated super bunker in the world. It was built to ensure the survival of America's executive branch of government and its most important citizens, should the unthinkable happen. When the world ended, the executive branch failed to reach the sanctuary, but the elite citizenry did. Eighty years later, one of their own has named himself the new President of the United States.

1. Batman #105 $3.99 DC Comics
Batman battles Ghost-Maker in the no-holds-barred, bloody conclusion of this epic tale winner take Gotham City! And the outcome is not what you're expecting! The future of Gotham City and the fate of Clownhunter hang in the balance!