Saturday, January 2, 2021

Goals & Comics!

Man, I have a few goals this year! Goal list for the first 3 months of the new year. The 9 months after is an open book. 

However, I will be checking out these comic book titles in 2021:

First off, differently checkout Star Wars, this series is absolutely delicious! Very good storylines and great read for all ages. Now, I know DC comics will be starting Future State for the next two months. I'll be busy avoiding this series, in my view it's kinda a waste. 

Next... you might as well jump on the Wolverine train. With current 8th issue coming out last week, legacy #350 this issue delivered for comic book fans. 

Finally.... they are back! Aliens. I'm kinda sad for Dark Horse Comics since Marvel Comics has taken a lot away from them... Star Wars, Conan, Alien and Predator now. 

However, I think Dark Horse has a lot of other comics you'll enjoy reading in 2021. Yet, Marvel's Aliens looks very interesting and might be a top title in the new year.

What titles will you check out? email us your titles your going to read.