Monday, January 11, 2021

Monday's Headlines | Secret DC Black Label Title Coming

Jeff Lemire has announced that he is working with artist Doug Mahnke on a secret series for DC's Black Label imprint. Revealed in his newsletter, Lemire said he and Mahnke originally talked about working together over a decade ago, with the plan finally coming to fruition.

"I fell in love with Doug's work when he did Frankenstein with Grant Morrison and have been a devoted Mahnke Fanboy ever since," Lemire writes. " One of the first pieces of original art I ever bought was a page from Doug's Frankenstein when I met him at a Con in Toronto over a decade ago. I had just started Sweet Tooth then and I remember showing early pages to Doug. He and I talked about working together since, but our schedules never lined up."

Lemire worked briefly with Mahnke back in 2013 when he co-wrote Justice League of America #6 and #7 with Geoff Johns. But that seems to be a mere appetizer for this feature-length DC Black Label project.