Friday, January 29, 2021

Top 3 Manga Comic Books

High School Dxd Light Novel SC Vol 02 $15.00 Yen On
I, Issei, have been getting used to living as a demon. Until Rias started acting strange, that is. Turns out she's engaged to some pretty-boy demon named Riser Phenex. No way am I letting some other guy horn in on my territory. I'm the one who's going to have a harem full of super-cute girls!

Angels of Death GN Vol 11 $13.00 Yen Press
Having overcome their life-or-death struggle on Floor B1, Zack and Ray decideto split up and search for a path to the surface. Before long, Ray finds herself face-to-face with a man she knows all too well...

Vampire & His Pleasant Companions GN Vol 01 $13.00 Yen Press
From veteran shoujo manga artist Marimo Ragawa and BL light novelist Narise Konohara comes a strange and sexy tale! When a vampire from Nebraska named Al gets frozen in bat form, he winds up in Japan under the care of a dark and mysterious man covered in a bloody scent!