Sunday, February 21, 2021

DC Announces 11 New 2021 Titles

DC gave a virtual presentation to comic book retailers at this year's annual ComicsPro event, and announced 11 new titles that it plans to publish in 2021.

The upcoming new titles include (as briefly described by DC): 

Deathstroke Inc.

Harley Quinn Animated Series sequel

A Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary title

Elseworld (1/2 of the new center of the new DC Omniverse) 

"DC Vampires" (described as a working title)

Robin and Batman

Joker: A Puzzle Box

The Legend of Batman

Crush and Lobo

Nubia and the Amazons

DC Middle Ages

In a follow-up announcement, the publisher said more information will be forthcoming on these projects throughout the year.