Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday's Headlines | Is Vision Alive?

Jimmy Woo has a lot of questions, like "What's up with all the hexagons?" or "Is Westview in the same time and space as our primary reality?" After the beloved character return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he quickly sat up shop outside Westview and helped to lead the multiple governmental agencies involved with the exploration of what's going on inside WandaWorld. 

This led to a major meme moment where Woo sets up an area where he can start writing questions on the walls. The last inquiry on Woo's whiteboard is one we've all be asking during the first four episodes of WandaVision — is Vision (Paul Bettany) actually alive?

Throughout the first three episodes, it very much felt like the Ultron-created android is "alive," in the sense he exists in our reality. It was assumed that he was alive as ever before. But then the Episode Four jump scare happened, and now we're not quite sure what's going on.

As evidenced by the closing moments of "We Interrupt This Program," Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) still sees Vision as his dead self with the Mind Stone ripped out of his forehead, at least momentarily until she rights reality again. The moment is open-ended and leaves everything open to interpretation, but it has many wondering if Wanda's actually lugging around Vision's dead corpse somewhere inside Westview. That's a pretty harrowing thought, no?

Should Wanda want Vision to return to life, all she'd need to do — at least using the aforementioned logic – would be to send him outside through the wall so they can exist in the regular reality instead of the sitcom-fueled WandaWorld. Though that idea's all out the window if Wanda isn't in control of the reality after all.