Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday's Headlines | LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Set Is Available Now

Good Lego Morning!

LEGO kicked off 2021 with some fantastic new releases, and another has just arrived. The 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set is the latest fan-inspired release from the LEGO Ideas program, and it is available to order starting today, February 1st right here at for $149.99. Note that all LEGO purchases over $85 are eligible for a free Year of the Ox set until November 14th.

The Medieval Blacksmith set includes 2164 pieces and three levels that are loaded with details. The roof can be easily removed to access bedroom, kitchen, and workshop areas that are packed with fun items like a LEGO light brick-powered glowing forge, tools, and armor. There's also an apple tree and well in the garden.

As for the minifigures, you'll get a blacksmith, archer and two Black Falcon Knights (they're back!) with 4 swords, 3 shields and a halberd. Rounding out the set is a posable horse figure with a buildable cart and dog and frog figures. Additional images for the set are available in the gallery below.

Again, you can order the 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set here at for $149.99, which seems like a pretty good deal as far as LEGO sets of this caliber are concerned. Keep in mind that the massive, 5685-piece LEGO Ninjago City Gardens Set also became widely available today.