Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday's Headlines | Spider-man Comic Book News

Spider-Man has been the face of Marvel Comics for the past half-century, and although other characters and teams like Iron Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men have nipped at his heels popularity-wise, Spider-Man is still Marvel's de facto flagship property.

And that flagship is getting a makeover, with a new Spider-Man costume coming in March that ditches his classic color scheme and webbing for something quite, quite different. This is part of an upcoming story-arc pitting the wall-crawler against Kingpin, who despite being better known as a Daredevil foe actually began as a Spidey villain.

Meanwhile, Marvel's other Spider-Man, Miles Morales, continues in writer Saladin Ahmed's run - with the Ultimate universe refugee still trying to come to grips with his new reality.

Marvel is branching out with a second Peter Parker/Spider-Man series - writer Joe Kelly and artist Chris Bachalo are reuniting for a new series, Non-Stop Spider-Man, to start in March 2021.

One announced title you won't be seeing anytime soon is W.E.B. of Spider-Man, which was to tie into the upcoming Disney Parks ride. The publisher has decided to pull the series from the schedule, but they say it'll return somewhere down the line.

And that's not to mention the numerous collections coming out at almost a weekly clip, putting recent arcs all in one place and, in some cases, bringing back in print storylines that haven't been available for years.